Ready For Success

This workshop helps enhance the motivation and commitment of students. To get the very best results, it is usually run for a small group of approximately 20-25 students who are not yet reaching their full potential (whether HPA, MPA or LPA). The workshop will be tailored to fit your exact needs and to run within your school timetable.

‘Ready For Success’ helps students to explore:

  • Why they should stretch and reach their full potential
  • How to stay motivated and persist when the going gets tough
  • Some ‘secrets of success’ in the remaining months before exams

In general, this workshop helps students to be more effective in their life, develop a more positive outlook and as Winston Churchill once said, to “NEVER GIVE UP.” 

What Students Say:

          It was fun, informative and it really helped my confidence etc. ...

          You have really helped me, you have put things in perspective for me.

          It made me feel a lot more confident.

          It taught me new things that I didn't know before.

          It was the best lesson that I have ever done. I feel more positive.

          I feel more confident about doing my GCSEs.

          It encouraged me to try harder.

          Very enjoyable - helped me to understand how to push myself to the limit.

          It was fun whilst learning.