Maximising Success Part 2

This ‘in-person’ or ‘online & live’ workshop is best delivered for Year 11 as a whole year group within the Spring Term. The workshop lasts approximately one hour and will be tailored to fit within your school timetable. It can be delivered either as a follow-on to "Maximising Success" or stand alone.

Using activities and multimedia, we help students to explore the five most important things they need to do in the final countdown to assessments/exams, including how to plan their revision, revise effectively and get the best out of themselves. 

Students leave the session with an action plan for the remaining days and feeling both more confident and motivated to take the appropriate action.

What Students Say:

         Very motivating and interesting.

          Should really help with revision and puts it in perspective.

          Made me realise what I need to start doing.

          It made me get motivated for my GCSEs and feel confident.

          I really found it interesting and it has made me very motivated for GCSEs!

          I now know what I need to do.

          Interactive, fun and engaging.

          Really interesting and engaging without being too intense!

          I didn’t get bored and it was so useful.

         It was kind of fun and I learnt stuff!

“There is no elevator to success, you have to take the stairs.”

Zig Ziglar