Ready For Business

'Ready For Business’ is primarily for pupils in Years 5 or 6. It has to be one of our favourite workshops, perhaps because we know it can really inspire young people to be entrepreneurial, take responsibility for decisions and ultimately change their life for the better.

We like that it doesn’t just involve a game or theory; the students actually get to start and run a selection of REAL LIVE BUSINESSES.  Working in teams, the students will work through many of the business decisions facing a start-up business and then put them into practice. Pupils will market and sell their product to other pupils in the school, experiencing first hand the responsibility (and consequences) of business decisions.

This interactive and practical workshop helps pupils to:

  • Develop a real enthusiasm for business through practical experience.
  • Think for themselves and innovative.
  • Enhance their leadership, teamwork and communication skills.

As an optional extra, some schools donate the money raised from the pupils' businesses to a school charity or project. In this way it helps enhance social responsibility. 

What Do Staff Say:

"It was great to see the children motivated, engaged and working in teams. They really did get to run real businesses and take responsibility for their own decisions. I loved seeing the younger children handling real money, making spending decisions and having lots of fun too! Perhaps the icing on the cake was that we raised a good sum of money for our school charity (Surrey Air Ambulance). Overall a great day which really did help develop skills like teamwork, responsibility, decision making and creativity."

"A fantastic opportunity to introduce children to the concept of business enterprise. Both the children and adults had a fabulous day setting up their own businesses and then raising money for charity by pitching their product to the rest of the school. The Life Skills Company led and managed the day incredibly well and we'd have no reservations in recommending this to any other primary schools who are interested in producing the next Alan Sugar!"

"All children were enthused from start to finish. The balance between discussion and practical activity meant that the children were engaged throughout the day. It was great to see how the children developed and applied their new understanding to their businesses. The day provided fantastic opportunities to negotiate and justify their decisions within a team, communicate with a variety of peers and adults as well as developing their creativity and mathematical skills. A great ‘real-life’ learning experience thoroughly enjoyed by all participants!"