Our staff training covers both Learning & Teaching and Emotional Intelligence.

We always prefer to personalise training to meet your exact educational needs, however for simplicity, further down on the left you will find some examples of the in-school training that that The Life Skills Company™ provides for leadership, teachers, teachers assistants and support staff.  We are relentless in the pursuit of excellent quality and service and the quotes above are just a few comments from staff who have attended our workshops.

Staff Training - Learning & Teaching

Unlike some providers, we regularly still teach many thousands of young people each year who are only too pleased to tell us exactly what they thought of our training on their feedback form ;-). This keeps our skills fresh, any ego grounded, and makes us hungry for continuous improvement.   We welcome the opportunity to help your staff reflect on their performance and take action to further enhance learning and teaching. We design this training to be highly effective, enjoyable and engaging, drawing from our own experience of working with young people, years of research and the wealth of experience in the room.

Staff Training - Emotional Intelligence

In one study (Feist & Baron, 1996) it was shown that social and emotional capabilities were four times more important than IQ in determining professional success and prestige. No wonder that we always welcome the opportunity to deliver in-school training on ‘Emotional Intelligence’ - it really can make a tremendous difference both in the lives of the attendees and the young people in their care.