Maximising Success Workshop

'Maximising Success' is a great investment/early intervention which:

  • Level sets and ensures ALL pupils have the ability to revise effectively and enjoyably
  • Makes a positive difference to attainment and progress throughout their school career (including GCSEs and Progress 8)
  • Gets pupils motivated and into good working habits e.g. proactive revision throughout the year
  • Reduces stress and anxiety for tests/exams

During this fun and active two-hour workshop (suitable for small, whole-year or half-year groups), pupils explore THREE principles of effective learning and TWELVE different revision techniques. They leave the session feeling better motivated and empowered, having chosen three or four preferred revision techniques.

‘Maximising Success’ can also be supplemented by an additional one hour briefing for staff which helps staff to revisit the principles of effective and enjoyable revision, understand the twelve different revision techniques and agree how they can best reinforce the techniques in the classroom.

We know from regular feedback that pupils leave 'Maximising Success' feeling more positive about revision and better equipped to achieve their best in their exams.

What Pupils Say:

          It has given me lots of ideas and techniques that I will use when revising.

          It helped me as I didn’t know the best way to revise and now I do!

          It helped me with my revision and I understood how my brain works.

          I liked the way they explained the ideas, it was very clear.

         You gave us lots of tips for my exams.

         I liked the way we got to try out all the revision techniques.

         It really gave me new ideas for revision and helped me.

         I now know how to revise in a fun way!

        It was good that you can choose your favourites (techniques).

 "Learning is a set of skills. Once you acquire these skills you work smarter, not necessarily harder."