Personal Statement Writing Workshop

This workshop has every student actually writing their Personal Statement. 

Students leave this morning workshop having written a first draft of their individual personal statement for university or a covering letter for apprenticeships/employment AND an action plan to enhance it further.

The Personal Statement Writing Workshop: 

  • Makes an excellent fast start to the application process - tutors typically have a first draft of the personal statement/covering letter by the end of the same day.
  • Is tailored to complement existing application processes.
  • Lessens the ‘drag’ on the final submission of personal statements (in the students’ desire for perfection).
  • Enables tutors and subject staff to spend more time fine-tuning rather than in the creation of a personal statement or covering letter.
  • Reduces stress and anxiety for students given they know the personal statement/covering letter is critical for their future.
  • Allows students to focus more on their studies in Year 13, avoiding potential distraction and loss of concentration in lessons.
  • Helps generate even higher quality personal statements/covering letters which can be submitted earlier and that sometimes facilitate better/more offers.

Having a good personal statement/covering letter can make the difference between getting the university course (or employment) of choice and being rejected. A good personal statement helps a student to stand out from the crowd, and explains why the university (or employer) should choose him/her above all the other applicants. It's therefore essential that we do all we can to help students compete. 

What Heads Of Sixth Form Say:

The following are quotes from Heads of Sixth Form that book us year after year for this workshop:

          “A superbly organised event that gives structure and relevance to a pupil’s personal statement. Highly effective in making  students think for themselves and at the same time have some fun too!”

          “We hold the Personal Statement Writing Workshop in the last part of the summer term and I can certainly say it helps reduce my workload . By the end of the week I have 100% of the drafts to look at during the summer holidays. All of my students  who applied for higher education received offers and some of the thanks must go to The Life Skills Company”