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  • Chloe graduated from the University of Southampton in 2009 and simultaneously joined The Life Skills Company to run the South Central Area. Having paid her way through university she has personal experience of both academia and the world of work and she is well aware of the difficulties young people have on their path to finding a place in society. She strongly believes that self-esteem, confidence and motivation are essential for success and aspires to help students and young people become more confident in their own abilities and enjoy learning. She supports guiding, netball and nurseries through various committee positions in her local area and she also has three young sons herself. They have given her an even stronger desire to provide young people with opportunities to learn, succeed and be confident. Her favourite quote is "Life is not about finding yourself, life is about creating yourself" George Bernard Shaw

  • Karla Dicker - Trainee Deputy Director

    Karla graduated from the University of Southampton where she completed her BA Spanish degree. Karla has supported learning in diverse educational settings, including as an English Language Assistant in Andalusia, Spain. She is passionate about young people’s access to higher education and having a positive influence on students’ academic and personal development.

    Throughout university, Karla became increasingly aware of the power of social action and participated in volunteer tutoring supporting primary-school aged children from disadvantaged backgrounds. Her passion for fulfilling young people’s potential endures as she runs a Spanish language club in a local primary school. Outside of work, Karla is an avid netball player and one of her favourite quotes is “People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” Maya Angelou.

  • Meg has always had a passion for helping people and making a difference. After working alongside homeless people she trained in housing law and started work as a housing adviser. She later became a senior manager and consultant for local government. Voluntarily Meg has been a YMCA Director and has led multiple youth groups in the community. Meg also has two children, however driven by a desire to touch the lives of many more young people, she jointly launched The Life Skills Company in 2003. Meg enjoys working with a variety of ages and is particularly passionate about Emotional Intelligence within schools. One of her favourite quotes is “Treat people as if they were what they ought to be and you help them to become what they are capable of being.” Goethe

  • Steve was the first of his family to attend university gaining a BA Hons in Maths/Music at London University and went on to teach Maths at a comprehensive school in Kent and then at a grammar school in the London Borough of Bexley. Years later and attracted by a new challenge, Steve joined IBM and climbed the corporate ladder for 19 years. He held many leadership positions, culminating as Director of Business Partners for UK, Ireland, Netherlands and South Africa. Yearning to again ‘make a difference’, he left IBM to jointly launch The Life Skills Company in 2003 and now spends his time with students, staff and others associated with education, helping to enhance Emotional & Social Intelligence and Teaching & Learning, in a pragmatic way. One of his favourite quotes is “May You Live All The Days Of Your Life.” J. Swift.

  • The Life Skills Company is delighted to be working with Mike Temple and his Supportive Behaviour Management programme. Mike’s advice and programmes are very hands-on, based on over 17 years of experience working in challenging environments. Mike worked for 13 years in a complex special needs school developing an excellent Supportive Behaviour Management system and then continued working in education for an additional 4 years as an advisor with the Local Authority. In this role, he assisted head teachers and their staff in a number of different schools in challenging circumstances to establish a more supportive approach for managing students and reducing exclusions. Mike has featured in the Times Educational Supplement and appeared on Teachers TV talking about Supportive Behaviour Management. Please click here to see more information about Mike's work.